Ghost Watchers are a ghost hunting group from London and Essex who go and look for things that can't be seen!  We use specialised equipment in all of our investigations, if you want to know more about what tools we use click Equipment.  We started getting into the paranormal because of personal experiences, things that we can not explain or dismiss.  We always try to look for the logical explanation during our investigations and we don't automatically assume it being a paranormal experience.

If you believe you're experiencing paranormal activity then please don't hesitate to contact us.  We always listen to your experiences and claims of activity and put families with children first.  We can also arrange a medium/psychic to attend if you wish.

Ghost Watchers always work professionally with the clients best interests at heart.  We do not use any boards or ask for any negative spirits to come through.  We start by taking baseline readings on our equipment then record everything during the investigation.  Ghost Watchers will then analyse the evidence, if any, then give the client a full detailed description of what we find.

Ricky: Team Leader and Founder of Ghost Watchers

Dave: Team Leader and Co Founder of Ghost Watchers

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